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Oxford Classic Jazz Band

Classic Jazz is somewhat different to “trad”, (which is a sort of Punk Jazz created by English enthusiasts in the ‘50s) in that it doesn’t rely on raw enthusiasm but requires considerable training and musical insight – it hits a subtle balance between tension and relaxation and inevitably gets peoples’ feet tapping without ever blasting in their ears. It is a subtle musical style. As the great “Jelly roll” Morton said, it needs to be

"Sweet, soft with plenty rhythm”.

Over twenty five years of professional playing I have found classic jazz and ragtime to be ideal for all sorts of events. Some elegant Scott Joplin goes very well with dining. The genteel songs of Irving Berlin, Gershwin et al can make a perfect accompaniment to a relaxed after-dinner dance. Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong are the ultimate inspiration for a serious bit of partying!

I'll Dance at your Wedding - Oxford Classic Jazz
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I Believe in Miracles - Oxford Classic Jazz
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You're Driving me Crazy - Oxford Classic Jazz
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