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We are a genuine Oxford-based 1920s/30s

Jazz Band playing the beautiful music with

authentic swing, elegance and joy

Oxford Classic Jazz provides musicians highly skilled in the joyful style of pre-war jazz, offering anything from solo acoustic jazz and ragtime piano to duos, trios, quartets and larger bands as required. Booking any Oxford Classic Jazz outfit guarantees an upbeat ice-breaking atmosphere for any social event at benign volume levels. We have studied to excellent standards the pre-war jazz styles from New Orleans, Harlem and Dixie with the added delights of Blues and Boogie-Woogie. We can also be an effective Swing Band for lindy hop and jazz jive dances.

We're happy to travel reasonable distances outside Oxfordshire.

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Latest video

A short medley played and sung by

Nick Gill and Caroline Watsham


1.30 - 2.30

Oxford Classic Jazz  Duo


Pianist Nick Gill with Caroline the Musical Saw Lady and Percussionist offer a relaxing Sunday afternoon of jazzy "family fovourites"

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These concerts are Free!

(We might designate a charity in the future for voluntary contributions.)

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A word from Nick Gill, solo jazz piano player and organiser -

"I am sometimes quite surprised at how popular the “old jazz” is when played at social occasions. Everybody seems to lighten up and the response is always hugely enthusiastic. Older people at wedding receptions perhaps appreciate that the music is authentic, skilful and never too loud…How often have I been thanked by a relieved customer at an anniversary party who has suffered with heavily amplified music at other events!"

Holly Taylor singing Anything Goes               Tiger Rag played by OCJ quartet

Younger people are often beguiled by the irresistible swinging rhythm, which they may never have encountered in the modern age of loud computerised music.

You wouldn’t believe how many messages of appreciation we have received for your music. Despite the chat volumes, you gave the party a real buzz and as many have observed, set the tone from the moment they got out of their cars and heard the jazz wafting over the hedges!
Best Wishes,
James Hicky

It Don't Mean a Thing (OCJ quartet) at the Calne Jazz Club and a solo performance of The Entertainer

Latest Solo Piano Video -

Jelly Roll Mortons amazing "Shreveport Stomp"...Enjoy!

Dear Nick,

I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing performance on Friday night. Your ragtime piano really made the evening go off in style - Egyptomania has turned out to be one of the most successful LiveFridays we have ever had at the Ashmolean, and the talented performances were central to that. It was wonderful to have you as a part of the programme, thank you!

All the best, Lucie

Blue Skies played by

Oxford Classic Jazz (trio)

We're not just doing this for the money - we just love to play - to play for all kinds of people and events - so please don't be shy, get in touch.

Two recent videos of the young chanteuse

Holly Taylor singing with the band at public fund-raising concerts.

"Nick, I can't tell you HOW fabulous you were on Sunday, and how crucial your presence was at the breakfast! You elevated the party from a sort of chilly, damp, rainy, dreary picnic to a festive, entertaining, and sort of surreal party! Everyone was v. impressed, and the best part was that with your cheerful music around me I was able to relax enough to really enjoy it and speak with everyone..."
(email from a newlywed)

Drop me off in Harlem - Oxford Classic Jazz
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Black and White Rag - Nick Gill solo piano
00:00 / 00:00

Over twenty years of professional playing I have found classic jazz and ragtime to be ideal for all sorts of events. Some elegant Scott Joplin goes very well with dining. The genteel songs of Irving Berlin, Gershwin et al can make a perfect accompaniment to a relaxed after-dinner dance. Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong are the ultimate inspiration for a serious bit of partying!"


All Together Now!

It's nice to hear people singing along like they did at this concert:

Nick Gill playing and singing

Glad Rag Doll with his amazing hi-tech Megaphonic Device