The Amazing Portable Acoustic Piano

"I can honestly say that the Amazing Portable Acoustic Piano saved my playing career. I had used an electric piano on gigs for the first couple of years and had found it so limited in its expression that I thought I would have to give up unless I found a real piano that was light enough to transport to gigs. It turned out that a company in Ireland had for a short time in the '60s and '70s manufactured a piano weighing only 220 pounds, a third the weight of the average upright. I shall always be endebted to Lindner of Shannon for their innovative genius in producing a piano that sounds pretty good and can be transported easily by one person with a good set of moving wheels. I have taken my Lindner up spiral staircases, down rutted paths to communal allotments and through winding streets forbidden to cars. I have played it on islands, minstrel galleries, balconies, windmills, sea ferries and all manner of river boats and rubber dinghies. There is almost no corner of England's green and pleasant land where The Maple Leaf Rag cannot be played thanks to those clever Irish in the 1970s. Why nobody makes a light-weight piano today is a mystery to me. But no matter - I have a couple of spares to see me through the next 30 years of itinerant piano playing!

Nick Gill plays The Maple Leaf Rag on the Amazing Portable Acoustic Piano at various Cotswold locations.

Nick Gill plays Glad Rag Doll on the Amazing Portable Acoustic Piano